What is a dragon boat?
A typical Hong Kong style dragon boat is almost 12 metres long, 1 meter wide, and weighs about 1,500 lbs. It consists of the main body of the boat, with a dragonhead at the front and a long tail at the back.

How safe is a dragon boat?
Due to the size and design, dragon boats are very stable. This makes them suitable for participants of all levels.

What are dragon boats made of?
Traditional dragon boats are constructed of wood, while newer boats are often made of fiberglass or a combination of both materials.

Why the drummer?
The drummer is there to keep the beat of the stroke.

Is it different from a war canoe?
Although the basic stroke is very similar to the one used in a war canoe, dragon boating is distinctively different. Dragon boats are bigger than war canoes (they hold more people) and are much more stable. Furthermore, dragon boat paddlers remain comfortably seated while they paddle versus kneeling in a war canoe.


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