Who does the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival benefit?
All proceeds from the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival go to support the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund. The Sport Fund provides funding to assist with the growth and development of sport in communities across Nova Scotia.  For more information, click here.

Do I have to raise money?
Each participant must raise a minimum pledge amount of $100.

What do I get in return?
For raising the minimum amount of $100 you will receive an official Festival souvenir. Visit our Prize Page for further details on this and other prizes available to individuals and teams that raise even more.

How much has the Festival raised in the past?
The Manulife Dragon Boat Festival has raised over $1.86 Million for amateur sport in Nova Scotia.

Can I pledge myself?
Yes, participants can make their own donations. However, please note that if you choose to request a tax receipt (all pledges over $20 are eligible) your personal donation cannot be counted toward a prize.

Who is eligible for a tax receipt?
Anyone who pledges $20 or more is eligible for a tax receipt (the tax receipt request box must be checked on the pledge form). Name and address must be legible and all address fields must be completed.

When and where do I hand in my collected pledges?
Pledges should be handed in by Tuesday, July 5th 2016.  Pledges can be dropped off that day between 1pm and 8pm at the Sport Nova Scotia office at 5516 Spring Garden Road, 3rd Floor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1G6

Where can I get a pledge sheet?
Your team captain will receive all pledge sheets upon your team's registration. Please contact your team captain for your pledge sheet.


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