General Inquiries

When is the Festival?
Where will it be?
Do I need to be an experienced "paddler" to participate?
How many people do we need to form a dragon boat team?
How much is the entry fee?
Who pays the entry fee?
Must I raise money myself? How much?
What is the refund policy?

About the Dragon Boats

What is a dragon boat?

How safe is a dragon boat?
What are dragon boats made of?
Why the drummer?
Is it different from a war canoe?


Team Practice Inquiries

How many practices does each team get?
Why practice?
How long is each practice session?
What time do I need to arrive for my practice session?
Where are practice sessions held?
How do we book a practice session?
Where can I park?
Will food and refreshments be available on-site?
What should I wear and bring?
Are there changing facilities on-site?
Do we need our own coach?
What do we do once we have arrived at Graham's Grove?
What safety precautions are in place

What is the responsibility of our captain?
Can we get extra practice sessions?
Pledging Information

Who does the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival benefit?
Do I have to raise money?
What do I get in return?
How much has the Festival raised in the past?
Can I pledge myself?
Who is eligible for a tax receipt?
When and where do I hand in my collected pledges?
Where can I get a pledge sheet?


Race Day Information

Where will everything take place?

What should I bring?
Where can I park?
Will there be food and refreshments available on-site?
What kind of food will be available?
When do we race?
How long is the racing distance?
When is our 2nd or 3rd race?
Can we have the same coach for all races/practices?
Where can my team "hang-out"? Can we bring a tent or shelter?
Can we display our company banner?
Where is the best view of the races?
What if the weather is poor?
Are there prizes or awards?


Theme colors


Skin Layout

  • Opened
  • Border
  • Boxed