Team Opportunities


The Manulife Dragon Boat Festival provides businesses and organizations with an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day, while making a valuable contribution to an important cause - the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund. While the primary focus of the event is the dragon boat racing, the event also includes a day's worth of fun for the entire family.

Activities include Chinese cultural entertainment, the chance to try food from a variety of vendors, tug-of-war, Children's Village, a mini sport fair and plenty of other off-water games and activities. The emphasis of the event is on participating, and contributing, not on winning races. The real "champions" of this event are all the individuals who participate and raise pledges and every company that supports our worthwhile cause.

The non-competitive aspect of the event makes it suitable and enjoyable for teams of all skill levels. Past participants had never picked up a paddle before they began the pre-event practice sessions.


Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are an integral part of any successful event, and the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival is no exception. Volunteers are currently being recruited for a variety of pre-event positions as well as day of event volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering you can download the volunteer registration form here, or if would like more information, please call 425-5450 ext. 344 or e-mail 

Sponsorship Opportunities


The Manulife Dragon Boat Festival is an exciting event for your company or organization to be involved with. Sponsorship will provide your organization with maximum marketing benefits while getting involved with a very worthwhile cause, the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please call 425-5454 ext. 354 or e-mail


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